This tutorial shows you how to setup and configure Prometheus

Prometheus is a monitoring system that collects metrics from systems, by scraping exposed endpoints at
a regular interval. It evaluates rule expressions and displays results. It can also trigger alerts if
alert conditions are met.


Prometheus Monitoring requires a system configuration usually in the form a ".yaml" file. For example, here is
a sample "prometheus.yaml" file to scrape from our servers running at localhost:9888, localhost:9988 and localhost:9989

  scrape_interval: 10s

    monitor: 'media_search'

  - job_name: 'media_search'

    scrape_interval: 10s

      - targets: ['localhost:9888', 'localhost:9988', 'localhost:9989']

Having successfully downloaded Prometheus and setup your config.yaml file, you should now be able to run

prometheus --config.file=config.yaml

You should now be able to navigate to http://localhost:9090/