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Go driver


The new MongoDB Go driver has been instrumented with OpenCensus for Tracing and metrics at

We have spoken to MongoDB about merging these changes upstream into their driver but for now that’s stalled due to the rapid pace of development on their new driver, but also pending an evaluation by their Go driver team.

The OpenCensus instrumented driver is API compatible with the upstream MongoDB Go driver


The added metrics include

Metric name Search suffix Unit
Errors mongo/client/errors “1”
Calls mongo/client/calls “1”
Bytes written mongo/client/bytes_written “By”
Bytes read mongo/client/bytes_read “By”
Deletions mongo/client/deletions “1”
Insertions mongo/client/insertions “1”
Reads mongo/client/reads “1”
Updates mongo/client/updates “1”
Replaces mongo/client/replaces “1”
Writes mongo/client/writes “1”
New connections mongo/client/connections_new “1”
Reused connections mongo/client/connections_reused “1”
Closed connections mongo/client/connections_closed “1”
Connection latency mongo/client/connection_latency “ms”
Roundtrip latency mongo/client/roundtrip_latency “ms”

For now here is how you can install it

Installing it

For any of these steps, we’ll assume you already have and are using Git

Already installed MongoDB Go

If you already have the upstream MongoDB Go driver installed, you’ll need to change directories into your driver installation

cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/

Next we’ll have to add the instrumented version’s Git repository URL

git remote add opencensus-instrumented

And finally check it out to a branch

git fetch opencensus-instrumented && git checkout -b oc-instrumented opencensus-instrumented/master

Freshly installing

git clone $GOPATH/src/

Using it

The only updates to make to your code are when initializing OpenCensus in your main function, like you would for any new OpenCensus instrumentation

Enabling metrics

import (

if err := view.Register(mongo.AllViews...); err != nil {
	log.Fatalf("Failed to register MongoDB views: %v", err)

Enabling exporters

Please select your target Go trace and metrics exporters from Go exporters



Resource URL
OpenCensus instrumented MongoDB Go driver
Sample end-to-end instrumented app