• OpenCensus

A single distribution of libraries for metrics and distributed tracing
with minimal overhead that allows you to export data to multiple backends.

What is OpenCensus?

A single distribution of libraries that automatically collects traces and metrics from your app, displays them locally, and sends them to any analysis tool. Watch this video for an overview.

Who is behind OpenCensus?

OpenCensus is being developed by a group of cloud providers, Application Performance Management vendors, and open source contributors. The project is hosted on GitHub and all work occurs there.

How do I contribute?

Contributions are highly appreciated! Please follow the steps for Contributing Here.

Key Features

  • Wire protocols and consistent APIs

    Standard wire protocols and consistent APIs for handling trace and metric data.

  • Single set of Libraries

    A single set of libraries for many languages, including Java, C++, Go. In progress - Python, PHP, Erlang, and Ruby.

  • Integrations

    Included integrations with web and RPC frameworks, democratizing good tracing and metric collection.

  • Exporters

    Included exporters for storage and analysis tools. Right now the list includes Zipkin, Prometheus, Jaeger, Stackdriver, and SignalFx.

  • Open Source

    All the code is entirely open source, to easily add your own integrations and exporters.

  • No Add-ons Needed

    No additional server or daemon is required to support OpenCensus.

  • Optional Agent

    In process debugging: an optional agent for displaying request and metrics data on instrumented hosts.

  • Get Involved - Interested in developing for OpenCensus? Here are some ideas: 2018 Google Summer of Code


Go straight to the language of your choice:

Current Status

So what is the current status of OpenCensus?