OpenCensus and OpenTracing have merged into OpenTelemetry!


Read OpenCensus’s journey ahead: platforms and languages.


Language Stats Tracing Leader Delegates
C# Supported Supported Sergey Kanzhelev (Microsoft) Simon Zeltser (Google)
C++ Supported Supported Emil Mikulic (Google)
Erlang/Elixir Supported Supported Tristan Sloughter Ilya Khaprov
Go Supported Supported Rahul Patel (Google) Jaana Burcu Dogan (Google)
Java (JVM, OpenJDK, Android) Supported Supported Bogdan Drutu (Google) Sergey Kanzhelev (Microsoft)
Node.js Supported Supported Mayur Kale (Google) Justin Smith
PHP Planned Supported Jeff Ching (Google)
Python Supported Supported Chris Kleinknecht (Google) Reiley Yang (Microsoft)
Ruby Planned Supported Daniel Azuma (Google)


T Backend supports Tracing

S Backend supports Stats

Backend C# C++ Erlang Go Java Node.js PHP Python Ruby
AWS X-Ray - T
Azure Monitor T S T T T
Datadog T S T S T T
Elasticsearch - T
Google Cloud T T S T T S T S T S T S
Honeycomb T
Instana T T
Jaeger T T T T
New Relic - - - T S - - T S
Prometheus S S S S S S S
SignalFx T T T TS TS T T
Wavefront T S
Zipkin T T T T T T T