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The OpenCensus Agent is a daemon that allows polyglot deployments of OpenCensus to use centralized exporter implementations. Instead of traditionally taking down and configuring OpenCensus exporters per language library and for every single application, with the OpenCensus Agent, one just has to singly enable the OpenCensus Agent exporter for their target language and it will deliver stats, metrics and traces to the centralized point before they are exported to the target backends.

By default, ocagent runs on TCP port 55678 and receives traffic from:

ocagent is written in the Go programming language, it is cross platform, self-monitored and receives traffic from any application that supports the ocagent protocol or from any application that supported by any of the “OpenCensus Agent receivers”, regardless of the programming language and deployment.


For APM Providers …
For Application Developers …

Getting started

To get started with the OpenCensus Agent, let’s examine the following topics:


Resource URL
OpenCensus Agent Protocol ocagent-protocol
OpenCensus Agent Design ocagent design doc
OpenCensus Collector Design occollector design doc
grpc-gateway grpc-gateway on GitHub
OpenCensus PHP design Design doc