OpenCensus and OpenTracing have merged into OpenTelemetry!

Installing it


For every release of the OpenCensus Agent “ocagent” we upload binaries/executables to:

Please download the appropriate binary for your system of the form ocagent_<os> e.g. for OS X, download ocagent_darwin.

Building from source

For those that would like to build from source, please follow the instructions below:


At bare minimum, the OpenCensus Agent requires:

Tool Install URL
Go 1.11 and above
GNU Make

Cloning source

To clone the source, we’ll git clone and get into the repository by

git clone && cd opencensus-service

Building it

make agent

which will place the binary in the bin folder in your current working directory

Testing it out

We can test ocagent out by running the version subcommand.

For example, on my machine:

$ ./bin/ocagent_darwin version
Version      latest
GitHash      85ab293
Goversion    devel +c75ee696c3 Tue Feb 12 21:22:09 2019 +0000
OS           darwin
Architecture amd64


Resource URL
OpenCensus Service on Github Github repository
OpenCensus Service releases