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mongostatusd is a MongoDB server status daemon. It operates by fetching the status of your MongoDB server installation as per MongoDB stats.

It parses the returned stats and then exports them to any the stats backends below:

It reads its configurations for the toggled backends from a YAML file.

Installing it

Installing it requires you to have Go

With Go installed and go get properly installed, you can then do

go get -u -v

and now you should be able to start it, but first please see Configuring it

Configuring it

It reads its configuration for the exporters as well as MongoDB server URL, in a file saved as config.yaml, for example:

metrics_report_period: 62s

    project_id: census-demos
    metric_prefix: mongostatusd

mongodb_uri: mongodb://localhost:27017
mongodb_name: test

    port: 8787

Running it

With the config.yaml file in the current working directory as well as the properly installed mongostatusd.

If you are unable to install Go or if your installation fails, there are binaries attached to the releases at

With mongostatusd now downloaded/properly installed and your config.yaml file in the same working directory, we can now run it as



On Prometheus

On Stackdriver Monitoring


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