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Exporters democratize consumption of traces and metrics by any backend that can consume them. They are the vendor agnosticity that OpenCensus touts. Collect traces and metrics once, export simultaneously to any backends for which an exporter can be created.

OpenCensus exporters can be contributed by anyone, and we provide support for several open source backends and vendors out-of-the-box.

We also provide guides on how to write a custom exporter in your desired language.

Language vs available exporters matrix

T Backend supports Tracing

S Backend supports Stats

Backend C# C++ Erlang Go Java Node.js PHP Python Ruby
AWS X-Ray - T
Azure Monitor T S T T T
Datadog T S T S T
Elasticsearch - T
Honeycomb T
Instana T T
Jaeger T T T T
Prometheus S S S S S S S
SignalFX S
Stackdriver T T S T T S T S T S T S
Wavefront T S
Zipkin T T T T T T T

Language specific guides

T Tracing guide available

S Stats guide available

Supported exporters

Writing a custom exporter