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Application and request metrics are important indicators of availability. Custom metrics can provide insights into how availability indicators impact user experience or the business. Collected data can help automatically generate alerts at an outage or trigger better scheduling decisions to scale up a deployment automatically upon high demand.

Stats collection allows users to collect custom metrics and provide a set of predefined metrics through the framework integrations. Collected data can be multidimensional and it can be filtered and grouped by tags.

Stats collection requires two steps:


Collected data is aggregated and exported to stats collection backends of your choice, by registering an exporter.

Exporting every individual measurement would be very expensive in terms of network bandwidth and CPU costs. This is why stats collection aggregates data in the process and exports only the aggregated data.

Multiple exporters can be registered to upload the data to various different backends. Users can unregister the exporters if they no longer are needed. See exporters to learn more about exporters.

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