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The OpenCensus Collector is a component that runs “nearby” (e.g. in the same VPC, AZ, etc.) a user’s application components and receives trace spans and metrics emitted by supported Receivers. The received spans and metrics could be emitted directly by clients in instrumented tasks, or potentially routed via intermediate proxy sidecar/daemon agents such as the OpenCensus Agent. The collector provides a central egress point for exporting traces and metrics to one or more tracing and/or metrics backends while offering buffering and retries as well as advanced aggregation, filtering, annotation and intelligent sampling capabilities.

By default, the OpenCensus Collector listens on TCP port 55678 and receives traffic from the opencensus protocol. It can be configured to listen for a variety of different protocols as defined in the Receivers section.

The Collector is written in the Go programming language, it is cross platform, self-monitored and receives traffic from any application that supports any of the available Receivers regardless of the programming language and deployment.


For Tracing/Metrics Providers …
For Application Developers …

Getting started

To get started with the OpenCensus Collector, please review the following topics:


Resource URL
OpenCensus Protocol opencensus-protocol
OpenCensus Collector Design oc-collector design document
OpenCensus Collector Performance oc-collector performance
OpenCensus Agent Design ocagent design doc