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A span name is a string descriptive of what the span does. Span names should be statistically meaningful. Most tracing backend and analysis tools use span names to auto generate reports for the represented work.

Examples of span names:

Names are usually created in the span’s constructor.

Source code sample

We’ll create a span with the Name “cache.Get”, below:

try (Scope ss = TRACER.spanBuilder("cache.Get").startScopedSpan()) {
ctx, span := trace.StartSpan(ctx, "cache.Get")
with tracer.span(name="cache.get") as span:
opencensus::trace::Span span = opencensus::trace::Span::StartSpan(
                                            "cache.Get", nullptr, {&sampler});
tracer.startRootSpan({name: 'cache.Get'}, rootSpan => {


The span when visualized will look something like this:


Resource URL
Name in datamodel reference proto/v1/Span.Name